Opportunity Funds and Investments.

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TIC Management makes private equity investments in funds, alongside fund managers in co-investments and in direct investments. While initially deploying the assets of TIC Ltd, TIC Management will look to create opportunities for like-minded investors to invest alongside TIC Ltd. TIC Management’s objective is to deliver strong risk adjusted returns (typical investment level objective is MOIC of 2.5x with IRR of 20% over five-year cycles)* by deploying capital in compelling opportunities that may consist of the following characteristics:

  • Opportunities to drive growth in an organization
  • Provide rescue capital
  • Acquire mispriced assets (priced below long term market average value or replacement cost)
  • Provide buyout capital (especially supporting management buyouts)
  • Acquire assets or debt from distressed owners
  • Acquire debt in business or structures with a view to own the underlying assets

While TIC Management is opportunistic with respect to industries, it prefers to invest in asset rich organizations including in real estate, shipping, oil and gas industries, infrastructure and supply chain businesses.

(*) These are investment objectives and actual results will vary depending on many factors and risks both in the capital markets and within the investment itself; Returns are NOT and CANNOT be guaranteed.
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