The Team.


Founder of T.I. Capital, he is responsible for the overall strategic vision, investment sourcing and investor relations. Ti Capital grew from a focus west coast based venture capital fund into a multinational family of companies with expertise, in consulting, engineering, project management, international oil & gas consulting with offices in Europe, Middle-East, Asia and the US. Throughout the years, Ziad joined a multitude of boards, from large public oil companies to early stage startups, that gave him a wealth and depth of knowledge that he can call upon in the day to day working of the Group.

Ziad has spent more than 12 years before establishing TI Capital in the oil and gas industry. He was instrumental in transforming the family oil trading company into a vertically integrated multinational oil company, with an extensive global reach. He repeated the experience with a US public oil and gas company where he headed the overseas expansion, with deals across the globe (from Papua New Guinea to Qatar and Nigeria).

Ziad graduated from Pepperdine University with degrees in both business and political science. He later graduated from Pepperdine prestigious PKE (Presidential and Key Executive) MBA program and started his doctorate degree in Organizational Change.


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